The company has a well structured and implemented quality management system with strong customer focus. All operations in the company are performed with strict compliance to the quality requirements of customer. The working practices, infrastructure, input materials, skill set of workforce fully match with the global standards.

The quality management system of the company complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 and is certified by DNV-GL.

The quality policy of ORB says that:
“ORB is committed to satisfy its customers on sustainable basis through product quality and service support of international standard. The operations at ORB are aimed at achieving the best possible level of perfection through well defined quality system and a strong customer focus.”

Quality objectives
In line with the quality policy, the quality objectives are laid down as follows:

  • To aim at zero defect in all operations of production process.
  • To define and document quality systems for all processes and regularly comply with the instructions.
  • To supply all products as per customer’s requirements.
  • To promote quality consciousness amongst all employees of the organization and impart training on quality concepts and job requirements.
  • Maintain transparent working environment. Encourage employee suggestions and open discussions
  • Set targets for continual improvement in each process.

The strong quality focus is embedded in all type of activities responsible for production realisation. The input materials are sourced from world renowned suppliers. Only virgin white metal is used for the critical lining of slide bearings. The critical input materials are stored in vertical storage systems for proper preservation and traceability. Forgings are also stored in covered sheds for atmospheric protection.

The precision machining processes are carried out under temperature controlled conditions in higher end CNC turning centres and machining centres imported from Germany. Devices and instruments of commensurate accuracy at available at each stage of manufacturing to ensure compliance to quality requirements.

In process defects observed manufacturing in < 0.2 % and customer reported defects are almost NIL.

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