Omega Renk Bearings Pvt. Ltd.,is a leading manufacturer of white-metal lined precision slide bearings, guide pads and thrust pads, and a major supplier to RENK AG, Germany, and an acknowledged leader in precision engineering. In an industry characterized by aging technology, Omega Renk Bearings stands out with one of the most modern manufacturing facilities, and has been setting benchmarks for and the manufacturing industry of the future. In an industry that has shown a marked neglect of environmental concerns, Omega Renk Bearings’ eco-responsible energy policy has few parallels worldwide.

Omega Renk Bearings serves some of world’s most demanding and sophisticated users. These companies deploy products manufactured by Omega Renk Bearings that include Renk Bearing Assemblies, White Metal lined Journal and Thrust Bearings for Generators, Electric Motors, Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines and Pumps; White Meal lined Slide Bearings for Gear Boxes (Cylindrical, Two Lobe, Four Lobe and Offset Bore Shells); White Metal lined Thrust Pads (RS and RD types); Hydro Turbines & Generators and Electric Motors, in projects across the globe. It also manufactures bearing shells and components to OEM Specifications as well as to Manufacturer’s Standards.

Omega Renk Bearings has, with its globally acknowledged expertise in precision manufacturing, adherence to the highest quality standards, and far-sighted energy strategy, has established itself as a strategic supply chain partner for the future. Omega Renk Bearings offers its customers and OEM partners a much needed flexibility by helping mitigate their currency-risk, geographical-risk, operational and obsolescence-risk.

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