The company is committed to responsible and transparent corporate governance leading to value addition. All relevant laws and regulations of the government shall be abided by every employee and the company along with serving the interests of customers, suppliers, employees and the communities in which the company operates. The company ‘s working is evaluated from time to time with internal audits, management reviews and productivity improvement projects to achieve the targets set by the company towards its philosophy of TOTAL customer satisfaction with sustainable growth policy.

Concern for Business Partners
  • The customers are given timely supply of high quality bearings as per commitment
  • All products are as per customer specification and standards with certification
  • The suppliers are given prompt payment
  • Customer trainings are organized from time to time
Compliance to regulatory mechanisms
  • Stipulated rules as per Company Law are duly followed
  • The taxes are paid on time
  • Company registered with Central & State tax authorities

The company has a designated person to ensure compliance to all legal and statutory requirements.

Commitment towards Society
  • Providing training to students on the most modern technologies.
  • Imparting education to school children through company tour
  • Creating awareness amongst students and other people of the society about renewable energy technologies through visit to company’s Solar Park
  • Donation to institutions social service organizations like SOS
Concern for Employees

The company is committed to the welfare of its biggest asset - Employees

  • The employees are paid good remuneration and other facilities
  • Work place safety and good environment working is maintained and monitored
  • Training provided for employees in both India and abroad
  • Uniforms, safety goggles and shoes are provided for working
  • Many kind of family support like medical support, grants for schooling of children etc. provided
  • In-house programs for employees and dependents are held from time to time.
  • No discrimination based on caste, creed, gender or economic background
  • No child labour employment. Proper security and respect for women employees.
Business ethics and integrity

Omega Renk believes in purely ethical way of working. No undue favours are either taken or given to any agency in the official transactions with customers, suppliers, government authorities or any other agency. No employee of the company neither receives nor offers, directly or indirectly, any gifts, payments, remunerations, services or benefits to obtain special favours or advantages for conducting the business. Open access to the management is available for reporting any kind of unethical business practices or suspected malpractices.

Sustainable development policy

The company believes to conduct its business with a set of principles for sustainable development. These encompass a set of desirable processes and outcomes which taken together are likely to ensure success of strategies for sustainable development.

An effective strategy for sustainable development brings together the aspirations and capacities of government, civil society and the business entity to create a vision for the future, and to work tactically and progressively towards it. All employees of the company are made aware of the concern towards society and environment and ensure continuous efforts towards zero impact to the environment from its operations and activities.

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